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Code Enforcement

The mission and goal of our code enforcement efforts are to work with our residents and businesses to create a safe and healthy environment in which to live and work, while protecting the visual conditions and enhancing the quality of life within our neighborhoods and business districts. 


Complaints regarding Pride Code  violations may be registered on a complaint form.  To access the complaint form click here REQUEST FOR ACTION FORM 

Completed complaint forms may be dropped off at Town Hall or e-mailed to Complaints may be anonymous.  To submit an anonymous complaint, complete a complaint form and place it in the drop box located outside of the front door of Town Hall.


To access our Pride Code click here *******

To access our Municipal Code click here *******


The following is a list of some of the most common issues investigated and handled by our Code Enforcement 

Vegetation:  Property is to be kept mowed and maintained. Weeds and tall grasses in excess of 6-inches on all properties located within the town limits shall mowed or removed.  Allowable grass/weeds length for property zoned A1 Agriculture is 12-inches.


PLEASE NOTE:  Excessive weeds contribute to Fire Hazards!


Property Maintenance: Property is to be kept free from any conditions which would cause the property to become unsightly, including of any accumulation of garbage, rubbish, litter or debris which include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Landscape trimmings (grass, tree trimmings),

  • Construction materials,

  • Old furniture, furniture parts,

  • Abandoned/neglected equipment,

  • Auto parts/scrap metal,

  • Household fixtures/appliances, and

  • Vehicles (abandoned, dismantled, wrecked, inoperative vehicles, or parts).

These items must be stored away from public view and/or removed from the property.

Illegal Dumping:  Illegal dumping of any kind such as waste, trash, junk or debris in any unauthorized area is prohibited in the Town of Silver Cliff. Illegal dumping is commonly found in areas such as vacant lots, along roadways and at construction sites. Please Contact the Custer County Landfill for Hours.

Campers & Recreational Vehicles:  Campers and any other recreational vehicle must be stored off the street in an area designated on your property for vehicle storage. Campers and any recreational vehicles may be temporarily stored on the street in front of the occupant’s house for no longer than 48-hours at a time for loading and offloading purposes only.

Fences:  Unless otherwise prohibited, you can install a privacy fence maximum of 6-feet in height, using common fencing materials with REQUIRED PERMIT and pin location. This is handled by the Building and Zoning Official


GENERAL COMPLAINTS – Who Handles What ….

  • Stray or loose dogs * WET MOUNTAIN VALLEY ANIMAL RESCUE *

  • Abandoned or unlicensed vehicles on public streets or alleys * SHERIFF’S OFFICE *

  • Animal complaints – Noise (Dogs / Roosters) * CODE ENFORCEMENT *

  • Animal complaints – Excessive Number (Cats/Dogs) * CODE ENFORCEMENT *

  • Criminal Activity * SHERIFF’S OFFICE *

  • Drug Related Activities * SHERIFF’S OFFICE *

  • Graffiti in Public Areas * PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT *


    • Location of Property Lines * BUILDING AND ZONING OFFICIAL *

  • Noise Complaints – Music / Vehicles / Nuisance * SHERIFF’S OFFICE *

  • Noise Complaints – “Jake Brakes” * SHERIFF’S OFFICE *

  • Parking Complaints * SHERIFF’S OFFICE *


  • Public Area Maintenance (Parks / Trails) * PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT *

  • Road Maintenance * PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT *

  • RV parking on public streets * SHERIFF’S OFFICE *

  • Snow Removal  * CODE ENFORCEMENT *

  • Speeding – Stop Sign Complaints / Violations * SHERIFF’S OFFICE *

  • Streetlights and Street Signs * PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT *

  • Trash (Rubbish)  * CODE ENFORCEMENT *

  • Trees on Electrical Power Lines * Black Hills Energy or Sangre de Cristo Electric *

  • Vehicle parking on public streets or alleys * SHERIFF’S OFFICE *

  • Water / Sewer Complaints * Round Mountain Water and Sanitation District *



Custer County Sheriff’s Office

  • (719)783-2270 All Non-Emergencies


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